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Konkani Style Shevai Usli

Konkani Style Shevai Usli Shevai Usli is a super simple, healthy Mangalorean dish that can be done almost instantly. Shevai in konkani means noodles or vermicelli. Usli is the cooked form of the vermicelli or noodles. The main ingredient being wheat (though there are other varieties like Ragi), it is healthy and filling. Since the …

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Panchanga / Hindu Almanac

Panchanga is a Hindu calendar and almanac, which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping, and presents important dates and their calculations in a tabulated form. A panchanga gives detailed information on solar and lunar eclipses; it lists the position of the planets and stars relative to the earth along with their positions at the time …

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Kuswar for Christmas 2020

Kuswar Kuswar is a term used for the special Christmas goodies that are part of Goan and Mangalorean Catholic community. There are about 22 different traditional recipes that are part of Kuswar.  Though this tradition has been there for long, today many families skip preparing them. The younger generation is missing out of the fun …

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5 Benefits of Noni Juice

What is Noni? Noni is a small tree that grows predominantly in India, SouthEast Asia, Pacific Islands and other regions. In India, Noni Juice has been used as an ayurvedic medicine for a lot of ailments for centuries. Noni Juice prevents infections, treats high blood pressure, skin related conditions etc. 1. Antioxidant Powerhouse Noni Juice …

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Appe Midi Pickle

“Arrey Vittala, appe midi hadaila ki na?” (Arrey Vittala, have you asked for the appe midi?) Appe midi is a variety of the tiny mangoes used for pickles. It has a specific tangy taste that makes it stand out from the other varieties and the pickles made of the raw mangoes has a heavenly taste. …

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Mangalore Buns

What is one dish that has the name of the city? Mangalore Buns 🙂 What the outside world knows as Mangalore Buns is simply called as Buns in Mangalore. Even if you have one piece you still call it “Buns” and not a “Bun”. For some this is a perfect breakfast and for others a …

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BVK Boiled Rice

BVK Rice is the flagship product from Sri Navadurga Industries.Back in 1972, Sri Bola Venkatesh Vaman Kamath realized the potential of the rice milling industry. He setup a Rice Mill to help the local farmers and create a brand to cater to the local needs.He started with a small hull type rice mill with contribution …

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