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GSB Plated Delights – Plate 3

The GSB (Goud Saraswat Brahmin) community has fashioned a culinary history that stands out in the colorful tapestry of Mangalorean cuisine for its distinctive preparations, rich flavors, and strong ties to tradition. Welcome to “Tastes of Tradition: GSB Plated Delights” and here is the plate for month.

plated meal 3

Steamed Sona Masuri Rice

Sona Masuri, a medium-grain rice, is prized for its light texture and delicate flavor, popular in almost all South Indian cuisines including GSB meal.

Alasande Saar-Upkari

Two terms Saaru (light watery gravy) and Upkari (Stir-Fry) together can create some magic. Boiled Alasande (Black Eyed Beans) with some garlic, Gundu Chillies tempering is all you need for a lunch that can be enjoyed any day.

Tawa Fried Pathrode

While the origins of Pathrode are not exactly known yet, this dish holds a special place in Mangalorean and Malnad cuisine. These are made with pathrode leaves (colocasia leaves) rolled with the masala inside and steamed using the Idli Cooker. Some people enjoy them straight out of the steamer and sliced out, while some like it fried on a Iron Tawa using Coconut Oil.


Mangalore Style Masala Vada – These are usually had with evening coffee, but go great with lunch too. Ambade in local Mangalorean terms means anything that is deep fried. This one being flat and not spherical, gets the name Chattambade (Flat Ambade)

Beans Talasani

GSBs usually have two different dishes using Beans. Beans & Potato Upkari and Beans Talasani. Just like the Saar-Upkari, with just three essential ingredients – Green Beans, Garlic, and Red chilli  – Beans Talasani is a Konkani-style stir-fry that can be prepared in less than half an hour! 

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