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Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney (100 gms)


This Prawns Chutney Powder is made using dried sea prawns which are handpicked and processed under hygienic conditions. Dry Coconut, Red Chillies, Garlic, Tamarind and Salt are used to make it taste amazing! Made regularly in small batches so you can always enjoy its freshness! 100% inspired from Mangalore’s traditional recipe!

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Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney: A Savory Delight from Mangalore

Introducing Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney, a tantalizing blend of flavors that will transport your taste buds to the coastal paradise of Mangalore. Crafted with care and expertise by the renowned seafood brand Fish Factory, this chutney is a true culinary masterpiece, combining the finest dry prawns with a medley of aromatic spices and herbs. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a connoisseur of exotic flavors, this chutney is sure to impress.

Authentic Mangalorean Delicacy

Fish Factory takes pride in preserving the authentic flavors of Mangalorean cuisine, and their Dry Prawns Chutney is no exception. Inspired by age-old recipes passed down through generations, this chutney captures the essence of coastal Karnataka, where seafood is a way of life. Each bite is a sensory delight, evoking the vibrant colors, aromatic scents, and rich flavors of this coastal region.

Premium Quality Ingredients

Fish Factory believes in using only the highest quality ingredients to create their culinary offerings, and the Dry Prawns Chutney is a testament to their commitment. The star ingredient, dry prawns, are carefully sourced from the pristine waters of Mangalore, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful seafood. These prawns are then combined with a blend of red chilli powder, dry coconut, garlic and tamarind to create a harmonious symphony of flavors.

A Burst of Flavors

From the moment you open the jar, you’ll be greeted by an irresistible aroma that will awaken your senses. The rich, deep notes of roasted prawns mingle with the fragrant spices, creating a mouthwatering symphony. As you take your first bite, the chutney envelops your palate with a complex yet well-balanced taste. The flavors of the dry prawns blend harmoniously with the tanginess of tamarind, the heat of the chilies, and the earthy undertones of garlic, leaving a lingering, delightful aftertaste.

Versatile Culinary Companion

Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney is a versatile addition to your kitchen. It can be enjoyed in various ways, catering to a range of taste preferences. It pairs exceptionally well with boiled rice ganjee, providing an extra kick of flavor to your meal.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Apart from its delectable taste, Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney offers several health benefits. Prawns are a rich source of lean protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, making them an excellent choice for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The chutney is also free from artificial preservatives, ensuring a natural and wholesome condiment for your culinary endeavors.


The Dry Prawns Chutney comes in a carefully sealed jar, ensuring the preservation of its freshness and flavors.

Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney

  • Made with handpicked dried prawns
  • Processed under hygienic conditions
  • Contains Dry Coconut, Red Chillies, Garlic, Tamarind and Salt
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives added
  • Inspired from Mangalore’s traditional recipe
  • Manufactured with with love by Fish Factory Mangalore.
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Storage instructions

  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Best before 6 months of manufacture
  • Do not refrigerate the product, keep at room temperature
  • Use a clean and dry spoon
  • Close the lid properly after use

Experience the Essence of Mangalore

Indulge in the true flavors of Mangalore with Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney. With each spoonful, you’ll be transported to the vibrant coastal region, savoring the culinary heritage and traditions that have made this cuisine renowned. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a spice lover, or simply seeking an extraordinary culinary experience, this chutney is a must-have addition to your pantry. Elevate your meals, excite your taste buds, and embark on a gastronomic journey like no other with Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney.

In conclusion, Fish Factory’s Chutney offers a delectable taste of Mangalorean cuisine, capturing the essence of the coastal region with its authentic flavors and premium ingredients. Versatile and packed with health benefits, this chutney is a culinary gem that will elevate your dishes and satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the vibrant flavors of Mangalore—order your jar of Fish Factory’s Dry Prawns Chutney today and embark on a journey of gastronomic delight.

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