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Prawns Masala Dry Chutney (Yetti Chutney)


Note: This item cannot be shipped outside India.

Note: This item cannot be shipped outside India.

Have you ever tasted hot boiled rice ganji with Yetti Chutney / Prawns Masala Dry Chutney ? Did you grow up on the Malabar / Konkan coast and residing elsewhere now ? We bet you are already missing the taste. We at bring you back that aroma, taste and feeling.

Sea food and in general fish has been an integral part of Mangalorean cuisine. During the monsoons it is almost impossible to venture out in the open sea for fishing. Dried fish of various types is what comes handy during this time.

Prawns Masala Dry Chutney / Yetti Chutney is a unique combination of dried and salted prawns with grated coconut and red chillies. Simple yet delicious, this condiment goes great with boiled rice. neer dosa, khotte, shavige / semige and other local items.

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