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BVK Boiled Rice (5 kgs)


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What is Boiled Rice?

BVK Kaje Rice also known as Kuchalakki in Kannada, is the flagship product from Sri Navadurga Industries, Sacheripete.

The BVK brand has earned a name in Udupi and DK districts. Good Quality paddy is procured from Madikeri, Chikamagalur, Hangal and other districts. Kaje Rice available in bags of 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and 50kg.

The staple food of people from Mangalore, boiled rice is a variety of rice that is popular and used mostly in and around Mangalore, Udupi and parts of Kerala.

Mangalore Boiled Rice is preferred for its softness, texture and taste. Compared to white rice, it has more nutrients like iron, magnesium and has very high fiber. This ensures it is digested slowly, keeping the stomach full, reduces the urge to eat frequently. Each grain is plump and soft yet it has a wholesome texture that makes it perfect to eat.

Mostly used for preparing Ganji or Porridge, the meal tastes best with both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Simply try with Ghee and Pickles, Fish Curry or Chicken Curry. As an accompaniment try our range of papads and sandiges.

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