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SRR Chicken Pulimunchi Masala (100 gms)


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Mangalore’s Unique Pulimunchi

Mangalore cuisine has a variety of dishes on offer that are a feast for your tastebuds. And it’s not just the seafood delicacies that this coastal region is famous for. Pulimunchi, or puli-munchi, as it’s colloquially known in Mangalore, is a unique balance of flavors that offers both tangy and mild hot undertones, depending on your spice palate. Serve it with boiled rice or with Kori Rotti. we can guarantee you would be left mesmerized with the taste.

About SRR Masalas

The finest ingredients make for the best masala! Shailendra Rishi Raj Industries are popular for their range of masalas known as SRR Masalas. SRR Masalas are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the impeccable range of spices. Premium and Quality raw materials ensures the products are of top quality. Chicken Pulimunchi Masala is one of the popular masalas across the range they offer.

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