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Aduge Krishna Bhat Hing Powder (20 gms)


About Hing Powder

Hing known as asafoetida in English, a spice comes from the dried sap of the stem and roots of various species of plants in the genus Ferula. The plant grows in high altitude and cold and dry regions. It is very popular in Indian and Persian cooking and has been used since ancient times. Due to its pungent nature, often a pinch of the spice is sufficient for the dish.

Hing works as both a flavor enhancer and an all-encompassing term for flavor itself. This is the main ingredient that gives the Konkani Dalithoy the flavor that one can never forget.
It has an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscles like those found in the intestines and stomach. This makes it useful as a digestive aid and it can also relieve gas and indigestion problems.

Aduge Krishna Bhat’s Grihini brand brings you this authentic and quality spice in powder form. You can get the Hing in paste form as well. Other products from Aduge Krishna Bhat are the flavorful Sambar Powder and the aromatic Rasam Powder.

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