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Sharada Calendar 2024


Sharada Calendar is Sharada Press’s flagship product. This yearly calendar is the only reference needed for all Indian festivals and auspicious days.

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Sharada Calendar

Sharada Calendar is the flagship product of Sharada Press, Mangalore and has been a favorite for over a century now. Founded in 1900, Sharada Press, a household name in the Konkan belt from the south of Kerala, Mangalore, Udupi, Karwar, Mumbai, Pune, and up north due to its product, the Sharada Calendar.

A simple yet effective rectangular strip of dates that hangs in almost many Mangalorean homes, across the world. Sharada Press, through its popular product line, has emerged as a true ambassador of Mangalore’s rich culture and heritage. A journey that started within a small space in Mangalore has now grown into a popular name.

Features of the calendar

  • Simple design and presentation.
  • Complete and accurate list of auspicious dates.
  • Has majority information that can be used in absence of the Panchanga.
  • Quick reference for local Mangalorean religious festivals and events.
  • Provides information on the sunrise and sunset timings.
  • Provides information on the Rahu Kala, Gulika Kala and Yamaganda Kala.
  • Inexpensive and a wealth of information.

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