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City Bakery Benne Butter (200 gms)


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About Benne  Butter

City Bakery Benne Butter, popularly known as “Batar” in Mangalore. Manufactured by City Bakery, one of the oldest establishments in Mangalore. The founder Late Shri V S Prabhu had a vision of making his small bakery popular across the world. He was fondly called as “Biscuita Vasudevu” (or Biscuit Vasudev). It was he who mastered the art of making Batar or Butter also known as Bread Rusk. The popularity soon hit through the roofs and this simple looking snack became a must have with coffee or tea. Batar tastes best when you dunk it in hot coffee, tea or milk and quickly eat while it is still slightly crunch and slightly soggy.

Mangalore Special Ginger Biscuit , Mangalore Special Tea Biscuit , Nankatai (also known as Narayan Katar) are among our other tea time popular Mangalorean snacks that we are sure you would love!

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