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Brined Jackfruit Papad / Salla Happolu (200 gms)


Papad made from brined jackfruit bulbs (Saal in Konkani).

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Brined Jackfruit Papad is made from jackfruit bulbs that are preserved in salt water. It is called as Salla Happolu in Konkani. The jackfruits are carefully picked to ensure they are neither raw, not completely ripe. The right stage is when the fruit would be just about to ripen. The pods or bulbs are harvested from such a stage. They are then washed and stored in large ceramic jars with salt water. The salt water ensures that the bulbs have a longer shelf life. Overtime the salt water infuses within the jackfruit bulbs and produces a peculiar taste.

The bulbs are rinsed and washed to ensure the excess salt is removed. A spice mixture of  red chilies, cumin seeds and asafoetida (hing) is coarsely ground with the jackfruit pods. A batter is prepared with this ground mixture and flour and heated for a while. The batter is then carefully poured on a straw mat or cotton cloth and sun dried.

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