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Jackfruit Sonte (200 gms)


Jackfruit Sonte is a seasonal product and may not be available throughout the year. If you see this out of stock then send a WhatsApp message and we will get back to you.

Jackfruit Sonte is an innovative snack made with natural Jackfruit, carefully handpicked from the pristine farms of Coastal Karnataka, Western Ghats and Malnad regions. This is an all time classic snack for the 11 AM cravings or for the 4 PM tea time.

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Jackfruit Sonte (Jackfruit Chips) – The Best Snack You Should Try!

Jackfruit Sonte (Jackfruit Chips) is an innovative snack made with natural Jackfruit. Not all jackfruits are ideal for making sonte or chips. These fruits are carefully handpicked from the pristine farms of Coastal Karnataka and Malnad regions of South India. The jackfruits are then cut open, seeds are removed and the bulbs are cut into strips. The strips are fried in traditional ways to retain the flavor of this exotic fruit without any added colors or chemicals, preserving its natural sweetness and crunchiness.

This is an all-time classic and popular snack for the 11 AM cravings or for the 4 PM tea time. Enjoy with a hot and steaming cup of  Shunti Coffee or a chilled glass of  Kokum Juice. There is a spicy version Jackfruit Sonte (Spicy) if you like a punch of spice to your taste buds. Jackfruit Chips brings alive the taste of Mangalore in a dish that you can enjoy anywhere at any time! Also known as Chakka Varuthathu in Malayalam, Ghare Karo in Konkani. 


  • Half Ripe Jackfruit
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Salt

How to store?

Since the jack fruit chips are deep fried, once opened store them in an air tight container to maintain the freshness for a long time. This ensures that the product is crispy crunchy. Keep the container away from heat and direct sunlight, the chips may get soft otherwise.

About Jackfruit

Jackfruit is the largest fruit-borne tree in the world. The “fruit” is in fact a multiple fruit or a fruit within a fruit. Hundreds of flowers, each making up a separate bulb, when put together make the entire fruit that we see. It can be eaten as a fruit when completely ripe or as our ancestors found out there are various other uses without wasting even a single part of the tree.

Recipes using Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a super-duper tree and is used in various items. The use of jackfruit in food recipes dates back thousands of years. In Mangalore, Coastal Karnataka, and the Malnad regions this fruit is part of various food recipes during the season. 

Ripe Jackfruit

Ripe and fully mature jackfruits is used other famous snacks and sweets like Jackfruit Mambalam (dried fruit bars) and Mulaka (Or Mulik in Konkani). The seeds from the pods are dried for use during the rainy season. The dried jackfruit seeds are boiled and used in Sambar or curries. Another classic product is the Jackfruit Papad, fry it in pure coconut oil and it becomes a perfect snack.

Raw Jackfruit

Raw jackfruit is used for making curries (Kadgi Ghasi in Konkani), Dry / Sukka (Kadgi Chakko in Konkani), Instant Pickle (Adgai). It can also be deep fried to make fritters (Kadgi Podi in Konkani). A more recent trend is to use Kabab Masala to the fritters batter to give it a unique twist. 

Other uses of Jackfruit

The leaves of the jackfruit tree are thick and sturdy. These can be woven into little moulds or baskets to make a Coastal Classic called Khotte / Kottige / Gunda. The wood or timber from the tree is used for making household items like Vegetable Cutters / Coconut Scrapers. The outer covering or the peels of the fruit are used as fodder for cows. This ensures none of the parts of the fruit or the tree is wasted.


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