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Khotte Leaves – Jackfruit Leaf Mould (Pack of 5)


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  • Note: This is a perishable product. We do not send it outside Bangalore.

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This product cannot be shipped outside India.

This product cannot be shipped outside Bangalore.

What is Khotte and Khotte Leaves?

Idlis made in Khotte Leaves or Jackfruit Leaf Moulds are a speciality from Malnad and Coastal areas. These idlis are known as Khotte, Khotto in Konkani, Khotte Kadubu in Kannada and Gunda in Tulu. In Konkani culture this food item has a special place and is made during various festivals. It is mostly prepared during “Sutta Punnav”, “Ugadi” and “Ganesha Chaturthi”. They are served with Chutney in most places and is topped up with Coconut Oil. However, some people prefer to eat with Sambar.

Making the Khotte Leaves or Jackfruit Leaf moulds, though is not a difficult task, it sure is very time consuming. One has to collect the jackfruit leaves and clean them thoroughly. Join the leaves using small sticks and ensure it is closed from all sides.

View the making process here. We bring to you moulds that have been prepared in clean and hygienic way, Just fill it with batter and steam it.

Here is a recipe for making khotte at home.

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