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Ideal Cafe Ghee Roast Masala Paste

180.00 / 250 gms

  1. What is Pabbas ldeal Ghee Roast masala?
    • lt is a ready-to-cook exotic, fragrant and delectable blend of spices and ghee to make life simpler & serve Mangalorean delicacies from the kitchen to your table in a jiffy!
  2. What are the ingredients in this Masala Paste?
    • This masala paste is a blend of pure ghee, red chillies, water, milk powder, garlic, salt, coriander seeds, cumin seeds.
  3. What is the shelf life and how do I store it? Does it contain preservatives?
    • When kept refrigerated at 5◦ C in the cooler section (not freezer), it can be stored for 6 months. This paste contains no added preservatives, No added colors, and no added M.S.G.
  4. Do l need to add ghee to this paste while cooking?
    • A) NO. Ghee is already present in the paste. No oil and additional spices required, only salt can be added to taste. You can add water depending on the consistency you are going for.
  5. What dishes can you make with the Ghee Roast Masala Paste?
    • You can use the ghee roast masala paste as a base to create a variety of dishes apart from Mangalorean Ghee Roast. Some of them include-
      • Appetizers/Dry starters of paneer, mushroom, prawns, squid or chicken
      • Veg or non-veg thick gravies/curries which will go splendidly with neer dosa, rotis or parathas
      • Ghee Roast Biryani or layered rice bowls.
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