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Mangalore Stores in Bangalore

Mangalore stores have a very special place in Bangalore. Ever since Mangaloreans migrated to this city, their need to connect back to their roots has grown stronger. 

Back in the days getting Mangalore items was a difficult task. Either get yourself or have someone parcel it through the buses plying between Mangalore and Bangalore.

Then came an era of setting up of Managalore Stores across various areas of the city, catering to the local population.

The progress of IT helped Mangalore Stores go online now. At we have a variety of Mangalore food, snacks, delights, sweets, groceries etc.

We source quality home made pathrode, shavige, Mangalore buns etc and deliver it in select areas in Bangalore.

Order and Buy quality Mangalore items today. Let us know of areas where a lot of Mangaloreans live and help us extending our services. 

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