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BVK Boiled Rice

BVK Rice is the flagship product from Sri Navadurga Industries.
Back in 1972, Sri Bola Venkatesh Vaman Kamath realized the potential of the rice milling industry. He setup a Rice Mill to help the local farmers and create a brand to cater to the local needs.
He started with a small hull type rice mill with contribution from Syndicate Bank, Relatives and Friends.
In 1982 he installed the automatic paddy drier to boost the output of the mill. Through hard work and keeping up with technology BVK emerged as a pioneer in the rice milling industry.
Fast forward to 1999, Smt Jayashri Kamath took over the industry after the sudden demise of her husband.
Sri Srikanth Kamath, their son, contributed to the growth tremendously. Smt Smitha Kamath joined as a third partner in 2002.
Under this trio partnership Sri Navadurga Industries has seen a big growth. They brought automation of various process and the quality and productivity became top notch.
Today BVK has become the go-to brand for boiled rice. So much so that in certain areas people no longer ask for boiled rice, but just say BVK rice.
What started as a 10 quintal capacity per day has grown to 50 tons per day.
What started as a small mill has now become an industry leader.
The vision that Sri B V Kamath had has come to life. The industry provides employment to a lot of the local population and betters the life of their families.

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