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What is one dish that has the name of the city? Mangalore Buns 🙂

What the outside world knows as Mangalore Buns is simply called as Buns in Mangalore. Even if you have one piece you still call it “Buns” and not a “Bun”.

For some this is a perfect breakfast and for others a tea-time snack. The fluffiness, sweetness and the taste make you forget that it is deep fried… Who cares about diet with Buns in a plate in front of you :-). Just go grab it…

So how did this thing start?

There are many stories behind the “invention” of Buns.

Some say that a mother did not want her kids to eat the bun from the bakeries. So she came up with her own version and the kids liked it.

Another story goes that a few cooks were figuring out ways to use the overripe bananas. So they mashed it all together, put some flour, added some jaggery to make the dough. Rolled it and fried it like pooris. This became an instant hit among themselves. So they introduced it to the world as Buns.

The best Buns I had in Mangalore is at Balli’s Podi in Car Street. The shop has been there for about three decades now. For us Bangaloreans, Buns is available in most of the darshinis. But what I find is that the taste varies and is not close to the original one.

We offer quality buns, prepared fresh and in hygienic conditions.
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