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Kuswar for Christmas 2020

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Kuswar is a term used for the special Christmas goodies that are part of Goan and Mangalorean Catholic community. There are about 22 different traditional recipes that are part of Kuswar. 

Though this tradition has been there for long, today many families skip preparing them. The younger generation is missing out of the fun and excitement of making these and of course munching them sitting together around the table. 

Guliyo (Gulio or Deep Fired Rice Marbles)

Guliyo is the first item that comes to mind when you say Kuswar. Very unique food item to the West coast, these need some serious strength to ear :-). Most younger generation may just skip them but without this Christmas is incomplete. 

Kidiyo (Kidio / Kulkul or Sweet Dough Curls)

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The other famous twin of Gulyio is Kidiyo. These are popular  among kids as they are dipped in a coating of sugar powder. 

BTW you know where they get the name right? Before you say something and turn around, 

Cashew Macaroons

The sugary goodness coupled with the crunchy cashew nuts would simply melt in ones mouth.

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