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Tender Cashews (Bibbe / Bibbo) (100 pcs)


Note: This is a perishable product and has to be stored in freezer. We do not send it outside Bangalore.

For outstation orders we recommend Dehydrated Bibbo. Soak this in water and use and regular Bibbo.

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This product cannot be shipped outside India.

This product cannot be shipped outside Bangalore.

What is Bibbo or Tender Cashews?

Many of us have only tried dried and mature cashew nuts that we buy from stores, unaware of the different types of cashews and their benefits. Fresh tender cashews called as bibbo (plural: bibbe) in Konkani, and are used in making the various recipes. Cashews are plucked & peeled to get tender cashews at the right age. They are plucked long before they grow fully into a mature cashew nuts. Hence, tender cashews are soft as opposed to the fully developed, dried cashew nuts that we get in market. 

The normal season for this is around the Ugadi festival and Konkani’s prepare various dishes during the festival.


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