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About Omam Dravaka / Oma Water / Ajwain Water

Omam Dravaka / Oma Water / Ajwain Water is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine from Ganapayya’s Ayurvedic Company. Omam Dravaka is an excellent medicine for indigestion and stomach aches.

Omam is an ayurvedic superfood that is also referred to as Ajwain or carom seeds. Ajwain is quite similar to cumin seeds (Jeera) and fennel seeds (Saunf) . It has a colour range of pale green to brown. It has a very powerful flavor, bitter undertones, and is also very fragrant.

It is frequently ground into a fine powder form and added to Indian dishes as a spice. Ajwain has many uses besides just flavoring food; it also has a number of health advantages.

One of the most powerful natural treatments utilized in Ayurveda is Ajwain or omam water. It is abundant in lipids, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates. Weight loss can be achieved by Ajwain, which is also highly effective.

Advantages of Omam Dravaka or Oma water

  • Regularly consuming Omam water can help treat digestive problems. It has active enzymes that enhance bowel movements and aid in the release of gastric juices in the digestive tract. The best ayurvedic treatment for constipation is this.
  • Oma has antispasmodic qualities. This eases indigestion and lessens flatulence. Drinking Omam water can help with indigestion and acid reflux.
  • Oma Water clears the nasal cavities and unclogs congested passageways, relieving cold and cough symptoms. This eliminates mucus and congestion in the lungs and offers immediate relief from coughs and colds.
  • Drinking omam water or Ajwain water every day on an empty stomach speeds up weight loss and the breakdown of fats. This promotes digestion and reduces body fat.
  • Omam water controls the release of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Omam Water eases nerves and muscle cramps. This is a fantastic treatment to take while menstruating. Additionally, it aids in controlling the menstrual cycle to ensure regular occurrence.
  • Oma cleanses the body of toxins. It enhances blood circulation and serves as a blood purifier. The skin becomes clear and radiant as a result.
  • According to studies, eating Ajwain has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol levels in the body. It relieves chest pain and helps to stimulate the heart.
  • Due to its incredible therapeutic properties, omam water might be beneficial for infants. Ajwain water can be given to infants as young as 8 months old because it has no negative effects and is an entirely natural treatment.
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