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Fish Factory’s Prawns Pickle (250 gms)


This Prawns Pickle is made using fresh sea prawns which are handpicked and processed under hygienic conditions. Garlic, Vinegar, Mustard seeds, Curry leaves, Mustard Oil and Cumin seeds are some of the ingredients used to make it taste amazing! Made regularly in small batches so you can always enjoy its freshness! 100% inspired from Mangalore’s traditional recipe!

NOTE: Due to individual country restrictions this item cannot be sent outside India.

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Prawns Pickle

  • Made with handpicked fresh sea prawns
  • Processed under hygienic conditions
  • Contains garlic, vinegar, mustard seeds, curry leaves, mustard oil and more
  • Inspired from Mangalore’s traditional recipe
  • Made in Small Batches- This pickle is made on a regular basis, but only small batches
  • Packed in sterile glass bottles to ensure the freshness is maintained
  • Manufactured with with love by Fish Factory Mangalore.
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Storage instructions

  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Best before 6 months of manufacture
  • Refrigerate after opening for longer shelf life
  • Use a clean and dry spoon
  • Close the lid properly after use
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