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Vaagai Groundnut Oil


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Vaagai Groundnut Oil

100% Pure & Natural Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Traditionally made from Selected Premium Quality Groundnuts Rich in Natural Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, 100% Natural Color, Taste & Aroma.

Vaagai oil produced with 360 degree care to ensure the Natural Nutrition, Hygiene, Purity & Quality.

About Vaagai Natural Nutrition

Vaagai Natural Nutrition in its Mara chekku (Ghani) process, the animal movement is replaced by electro-mechanical power transmission with a regulated speed control to yield natural with all its properties intact.

Being an end to end natural extraction process, there is no use of any refining bleaching, or deodorizing agent. The oil thus retains its original unique aroma, rich flavor & color and all its nutritional value all needed for good health. It is suited for Natural Nutrition.


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