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SSV Palak Happala


The secret behind SSV’s Palak Happala lies in the ingredients that go into it. At SSV Home Products, they make sure that the raw materials used to make the papads, are top-notch. They don’t compromise with quality and this ensures that you get the best that money can buy. This Palak Happala has an unique taste and is made with utmost care and attention to every single step in the making of the product.

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SSV Home products was started in 1998, in Karkala, under the able leadership of Sri. Sadashiv Kini. In the decades of their experience, SSV Home Products have come up with various types of papads. Their products have an unique taste and are a result of numerous iterations of perfecting the recipe. They use top quality ingredients, modern, hygienic process, to create superior products.

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