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Oil Free Chivda (200 gms)


The best thing – this chivda is oil free chivda! Made with delicious crispy rice flakes and has a mix of sweet and spicy flavors. It also doesn’t have any artificial colors in it!

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About Oil Free Chivda

A perfect snack for the tea time! This chivda is made with crispy rice flakes and has a punch of sweet and spice. It also contains ingredients like beetroot sev, groundnuts, gram dal, palak bundi, curry leaves, green chillies, sugar and other spices to create a delicious taste. The best part? There are no artificial colors added!

Other tea time snacks you might enjoy are Laxminarayan Chiwda, Laxminarayan Cornflakes Chiwda and Mandakki Mixture (Charmuri Bhel)

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