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Mangalore Panchanga for “Shobhakrut” Samvatsara is written by Pandit M Vittal Acharya of the Acharya’s Math, Sri Venkataramana Temple.

For those who are interested in astrology, astronomy, and Hindu holidays, this Panchanga is a thorough traditional Hindu almanac. Each year, this extremely thorough almanac is released, and it covers all the pertinent details regarding tithis (lunar days), nakshatras (lunar mansions), yoga, karana, and other astrological information.

The Mangalore Panchanga has been published for many years and is a well regarded and extensively used almanac. Astrologers, astronomers, and anybody with an interest in Hindu history and customs will find it to be a priceless resource because it offers precise and trustworthy information regarding the motion of celestial bodies.

In addition to astrological information, the Mangalore Panchanga includes details on significant Hindu holidays and lucky days for performing rites and ceremonies. Everyone from various walks of life can access this information due to the format’s clarity and readability.

The Mangalore Panchanga is a vital tool that you just cannot afford to overlook, whether you are a professional astrologer or are just curious to learn more about Hindu culture and traditions. This almanack is certain to become a vital resource for anybody looking to better understand Hindu astrology and tradition because to its thorough and precise material.

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