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We have opened the orders for customers outside Bangalore

Due to limited time available to deliver in Bangalore, we are unable to service orders from Bangalore city as of now. We will take Bangalore orders as soon as there is a relaxation of the lockdown rules.

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Kadenja Novina Yenne


Kadenja Novina Yenne, is an Ayurvedic preparation for body pains and sprains.

Apply externally and gently massage over the affected area for relief.

Manufactured by “Sri Nityananda Aushadalaya”, Mangalore and run by Sri K Mohandas Rai the grandson of Sri Kadenja Tyampanna Bhandary. The manufacturing unit has the latest high tech machinery, refineries and other equipment. They offer the consumers the best and extremely effective pain relieving oils. The unit is constantly upgraded to keep up with the times with no compromise on the quality and the principles of Ayurveda.

Sri Kadenja Tyampanna Bhandary’s motto of spreading smiles by relieving people of their body pains is upheld by the brand successfully.

Try Kadenja Novina Yenne and experience it yourselves.

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