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Dried Amla Candy (100 gms)


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Amla Candy: Sweet and Tangy Bliss

In the realm of traditional Indian sweets, Amla Candy stands out as a unique and delightful treat. It is a fusion of tanginess and sweetness, encapsulated in the form of dried Amla coated with sugar.

Amla Candy is essentially made by drying the Indian Gooseberry (Nellikai in Kannada) and then coating it with a layer of sugar. This dual process not only enhances the shelf life of the fruit but also creates a mouthwatering combination of sweet and tangy flavors. The result is a convenient and delicious snack that retains the nutritional goodness of Amla.

The sweet and tangy taste of Nellikai Candy also stimulates the taste buds, initiating the production of digestive enzymes. This natural digestive aid aspect makes it a favorite among those who seek a tasty solution for indigestion or bloating.

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