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Ganesh Bhel Namkeen – Chatpati Bhel


Bhel is a delicious & lip smacking Indian snack.It is a sweet and spicy combination of puffed rice,nemkeen,shev,onion,tomatoes,sweet & tangy tamarind chutney and green spicy chutney.

To make the Chatpati Bhel

  1. Empty the dry bhel mixture in a large bowl.
  2. Mix both imlee (tamarind) chutney and green chillies chutney as per your taste.
  3. Pour the mixture inthe dry bhel, add finely chopped oninons and tomatoes.
  4. Mix well and garnish with sev and coriander leaves.
  5. Serve and eat immediately.
  6. It makes a perfect snack for both adults and children.

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